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03 Nov

Four Dating Tips For Those Who Have Herpes

Four Dating Tips For Those Who Have Herpes

Four Dating Tips For Those Who Have Herpes



Have you started to recognize the warning signs? I mean, can you tell the person is really into you. They really like you and want to take things to the next level. That is when you really do have to talk openly about your situation. 


Is there a way you could transmit the virus to him or her? Find a way to reduce that risk.


You may have been able to deal with the first outbreak successfully. However, the next time you may not be so lucky. That is when it is even more important to talk to the person about it. You may not want to lose them, but you also do not want to infect them either.



Please remember that you are still the same person(an outbreak or not). Do not use this time to start withdrawing from your partner. That is why I keep saying to have open discussions with him or her. Once you start withdrawing they will know something is wrong. 



The last thing you want is to send mixed messages. That is why talking to your partner is essential. They might think it is them if you begin to pull away. You want to let them know this is not the case. Sending confusing messages(while dealing with herpes) is one surefire way to end things quickly. 



Try to be as emotionally available as you can(especially when sex is a no-go). 


Once again, I know that I have mentioned communication a lot in these last few blogs, and there is a reason why. Communication is an essential component of any relationship(even the foundation of one). You would be surprised how many people do not exercise this luxury(essential luxury) more often. Read this herpes dating to get some ideas.


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